Quick guide to Character CreationEdit

Here's a quick guide through creating your character. The only accepted source materials are listed on this website. All abilities/merits/flaws/backgrounds/etc are taken directly from Laws of the Night, Laws of the Night: Camarilla Guide, and your clan's revised clanbook. All other sources have been reviewed, and a few rare instances have been selected out of Laws of Elysium, LotN Storyteller's Guide and LotN Sabbat Guide. Nothing else will be considered.

Character Creation Quick Guide Step One: Inspiration. Who are you? --Choose a concept
--Choose a clan --Choose a Nature and Demeanor --Add Humanity as your Morality Path Step Two: Submission --Contact ST with above for information that may be valuable in creating the rest of your character. Step Three: Attributes. What are your basic capabilities? --Prioritize Attributes (7/5/3)
--Choose Traits Step Four: Advantages. What do you know? --Choose 5 abilities --Choose 3 Basic, In-Clan Disciplines
--Choose 5 Backgrounds Step Five: Last Touches. Fill in the Details --Assign Blood, Willpower and Virtue Traits
--Choose Negative Traits and Flaws (if any)
--Choose a Derangement (if desired)
--Lower Humanity (if desired)
--Submit backstory to ST for 1-3 Freebies OR Status (choose upon submission)
--Spend Five Freebies and choose Merits (if any)

Expanded Guide to Character CreationEdit

Step One: Inspiration Choose a concept. Choose a Clan of the Camarilla 6: Brujah, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue. There are minimal slots for ghouls, Gangrel and Caitiff, but life for any of these will be miserable (we don't expect Caitiff or Gangrel to survive past night one)
Choose a Nature (who you really are) and Demeanor (what you show the outside world) from the approved list of Archetypes.
All PCs start on Humanity. If you would like to pursue a Path of Enlightenment, you need a minimum of 3 WP, a backstory to support it, and the understanding that you will start on Humanity regardless, and getting onto a path IC will be very difficult and not guaranteed.
Identify your Coterie, if applicable, and name your sire.

Step Two: Submission Once you've gotten this far, Chrys can be reached any number of ways:
PM me here on the forums
AIM: Natural Ketchup (at all times) or chryscommathe (for focused conversations)
YIM: zydratekiosk (at all times)
E-mail: Phone: Ask around your little network of gamers.
Contact me and I'll ask for a bit more detail about the character so I can offer up ways to tie it into the setting, which should prove integral in completing the character sheet.

Step Three: Attributes Prioritize Attributes: 7 in your primary category, 5 in your secondary, 3 in your tertiary.
Choose Traits as are appropriate to your character. Keep in mind your generation max.

Step Four: Advantages Choose 5 abilities from Laws of the Night and the Guide to the Camarilla. A few (rare) other abilities have been pulled from other books and can be found listed under Abilities.
Choose 3 Basic Disciplines. You may not purchase an intermediate discipline at character gen.
Choose 5 Backgrounds. Generation will be heavily scrutinized above 3 and prohibited based on concept. (LotN, p. 68)

Step Five: Last Touches Assign Blood and Willpower based on your Generation. Allocate 7 dots amongst your Virtue Traits. Add your Conscience and Self-Control to get your Humanity. (We are using a 10 system, not a 5 system)
Choose Negative Traits (up to 5) and Flaws (up to 7 pts total). You can take more than the above totals if you really want, but you won't get more than 5/7 freebies for them (respectively).
Choose a Derangement (if desired) for two freebie points. Even if you take more than one derangement (not encouraged), you will only get 2 freebies.
Lower your Humanity (if desired) for two freebie points. Even if you lower it more than once (not encouraged), you will only get 2 freebies.
Upon submitting your backstory, you will gain EITHER 1-3 freebie points OR 1-3 Status for your character. Your choice.
Spend Five Freebies, combined with any freebies gained in the fashion mentioned above, and choose Merits. Please note, for all of the above, you gain Freebie Points, not Experience Points, so these may not be saved to spend later and must be spent with the final submission of the character sheet, or they will be lost.

Freebie Point Costs: Attribute Trait - 1 Freebie
Ability Trait - 1 Freebie
Specialization - 1 Freebie
Background - 1 Freebie
Virtue Trait - 2 Freebies
Humanity Trait - 3 Freebies
Willpower - 3 Freebies
Any Basic Discipline - 3 Freebies, pending ST approval
Rituals - 1 free per level of Thaumaturgy; cannot be purchased with Freebies @ character gen
Merits - Cost listed in the book (no more than 7, as per LotN p. 72)