Though Vampirism is a curse, the blood of Caine grants great mystical powers to those whith the insight and dedication to pursue them. Called Disciplines, these supernautral abilities grant a vampire exceptional powers-incredible strength or speed, preternatural senses, the ability to hide from mortal sight or even stranger powers. Fueled by blood and will, these Disciplines are the hallmarks of a true vampire. Brash neonates may command a few moderate abilities, but the most fearsome vampires combine the strength of their Disciplines with hundreds of years of experience and practice.


Communion with and control over natural animals, through the Beast. Available to: Gangrel, Nosferatu Retest with: Animal Ken

  • Feral Whispers: Communication with animals.
  • Beckoning: Summoning animals to your side.
  • Quell the Beast: Forces submission in the Beast of others.
  • Subsume the Spirit: Possess the body of an animal.
  • Drawing out the Beast: Draw out your own Beast, pushing your frenzy on others.


Incredible sensory acuity, even extending to psychic sensitivity. Available to: Malkavians, Toreador, Tremere Retest with: Investigation

  • Heightened Senses: Extend your senses beyond human norms.
  • Aura Perception: Perceive the aura of others, granting insight into emotions, motives and true nature.
  • The Spirit's Touch: Read the psychic impressions from objects that others have handled.
  • Telepathy: Basically? Mind-reading.
  • Psychic Projection: Project your senses and awareness outside of your own body.


Superhuman speed granted by the power of blood. Available to: Brujah, Toreador

  • Alacrity: Take initiative on anyone without Alacrity.
  • Swiftness: One additional action in a turn.
  • Rapidity: Use the Bomb in challenges.
  • Legerity: One additional action in a turn.
  • Fleetness: Win all ties.


The Malkavian ability to catalyze madness and spread the gift of insanity. Available to: Malkavians ONLY Retest with: Empathy

  • Passion: Accentuate or diminish drives, fears, emotions, etc.
  • The Haunting: Haunt your victim with freakish, fleeting nightmares.
  • Eyes of Chaos: Find wisdom in the cracks of reality. Gain extra insight.
  • Voice of Madness: Reduce your victims to howling fear or anger.
  • Total Insanity: Grant your victim five derangements.


Control of minds through piercing gaze and strong will. Available to: Tremere, Ventrue Retest with: Intimidation

  • Command: One-word commands met with obedience.
  • Mesmerism: Hypnotize targets into obeying commands.
  • Forgetful Mind: Alter/plant/uncover memories.
  • Conditioning: Destroy and rebuild minds as you see fit. Free will? Who needs free will?
  • Possession: Move your consciousness into a mortal body.


Resilience against even the forces that normally injure vampires. Available to: Gangrel, Ventrue Retest with: Survival

  • Endurance: Ignore wound penalties from anything past Bruised.
  • Mettle: Gain one extra health level.
  • Resilience: Reduce agg to lethal.
  • Resistance: Ignore one level of damage.
  • Aegis: Revoke any damage suffered in a turn, and ignore all further damage.


Concealment through tricking the minds of onlookers. Available to: Malkavians, Nosferatu Retest with: Stealth

  • Cloak of Shadows: Invisible while stationary.
  • Unseen Presence: Fade from view and wander unnoticed.
  • Mask of a Thousand Faces: Cause others to see you as someone else (or no one at all).
  • Vanish from the Mind's Eye: Vanish at any time, any place. Remain invisible while speaking.
  • Cloak the Gathering: Use other Obfuscate powers over several individuals.


Incredible strength, beyond even the unfaltering might of dead limbs. Available to: Brujah, Nosferatu Retest with: Brawl

  • Prowess: Restore lost strength-related traits once per game.
  • Might: Gain a retest in any feat of strength.
  • Vigor: Use the Bomb in challenges of strength.
  • Intensity: Use 'Potence' as your bid Trait.
  • Puissance: Win all ties.


Unnatural charisma and ability to sway emotions. Available to: Brujah, Toreador, Ventrue Retest with: Leadership

  • Awe: Turn heads & gain a social retest.
  • Dread Gaze: Cause mortals and kindred to flee in terror.
  • Entrancement: Turn someone towards your favor.
  • Summon: Draw others to your side. Literally.
  • Majesty: None would dare strike or insult someone so Majestic as you.


Tremere blood magic exercised through the will over vitae. The Path of Blood controls Kindred vitae; The Lure of Flames summons unnatural fire; Movement of the Mind controls objects telekinetically; the Path of Conjuring allows a caster to pull objects from thin air. Available to: Tremere ONLY. For more see Thaumaturgy

Path of Blood (Rego Vitae) Retest with: Occult

  • A Taste for Blood: Glean information from tasting the blood of another.
  • Blood Rage: Spend a target's Blood for them.
  • Blood of Potency: Temporarily alter your own generation.
  • Theft of Vitae: Draw forth vitae from the body of another.
  • Cauldron of Blood: Boil the blood in a victim's body.

The Lure of Flames (Creo Ignem) Retest with: Occult

  • Hand of Flame: Fire surrounds your hand(s) upon command.
  • Flame Bolt: It's a fireball. Plain and simple.
  • Wall of Fire: A column of flame erupts from thin air.
  • Engulf: Cause the victim to burst into flames.
  • Firestorm: Rains a hail of flame down across a huge area.

Movement of the Mind (Rego Motus) Retest with: Occult

  • Force Bolt: Projects a bolt of force to stun/knock over targets.
  • Manipulate: Toy with an item as if you had one hand on it.
  • Flight: Telekinetically hoist/move a whole person/large object.
  • Repulse: A wave of motion overtakes everything around you.
  • Control: Bend the motions of a target to your will.

The Path of Conjuring (Creo Materia) Retest with: Occult

  • Summon the Simple Form: Create basic objects made of a single homogeneous material that exists as long as you concentrate.
  • Permanency: Lend permanence and reality to a conjured item.
  • Magic of the Smith: Conjure complicated objects, mixed materials and moving parts.
  • Reverse Conjuration: Send conjured objects back from whence they came.
  • Power Over Life: Conjure creations that bear a semblance of life.

Disciplines by ClanEdit

Every clan has three in-clan Disciplines which they pick up more readily and do not require training to learn. Many clans also have signature Disciplines that are not widely known outside of their clan and are sometimes carefully guarded, though this varies from clan to clan. Unique Disciplines are not common in the Camarilla

  • Brujah: Celerity, Potence, Presence
  • Gangrel: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean
  • Malkavian: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate
  • Nosferatu: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence
  • Toreador: Auspex, Celerity, Presence
  • Tremere: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy
  • Ventrue: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Learning DisciplinesEdit

All vampires can naturally learn their clan Disciplines with nothing more than the expenditure of Experience Traits. As with any other learned capability, the new powers become available at the next game session.
The cardinal eight Disciplines that are shahred by every clan (Animalism, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence and Presence) require only a willing teacher who is one level above what the student wishes to learn. What payment the teacher requires is best left for the characters to haggle out between themselves. Out of game, the Storyteller may require that the vampire indicate who is teaching him his Discipline.
Certain Disciplines are proprietary to their clans: created by them and often practiced solely by them. Some clans have even hunted those outside the clan's bounds who knew of their secrets. Teachers of these wondrous powers are, consequently, fewa nd far between. Those fortunate enough to acquire a teacher, however, are not done yet: in order to study the Discipline, they must drink a Trait of blood from a vampire capable of learning the Discipline (which need not necessarily be the teacher). Kindred scholars believe that this is necessary in order to "attune" the blood to learning something that is quite alien. The drink is only necessary once, and the student may learn as long as the teacher wishes to retain her. Those Disciplines that require this are Chimerstry, Dementation, Melpominee, Necromancy, Obeah, Obtenebration, Protean, Queitus, Serpentis, Thanatosis, Thaumaturgy and Vicissitude.