== Dr. Demetri Takahari==

Name: Dr. Demetri Takahari

Clan: Tremere
Sire: Rinkard Zolas
Age: Looks to be in his early 20's
Position: None
Status: Acknowledged, Cherished
Height: 5'5"
Weight/Build: 110 Soaking wet, Puny
Hair/Eye color: Brown, Brown
Appearance Traits: Magnetic x3
Noticeable Merits/Flaws: Fangless
Distinguishing Characteristics: Puny, Frail


Known public background

  • Was born in Toyoko Japan. On April 2, 1977
  • Has a living mother and father and a older brother who is also a Vampire.
  • Came to San Diego in 1993 to attend UCSD to get his medical degree in Hemitology.
  • Has been under the night since the year 2000 and has spent it all living in San Diego.
  • Has a doctorial in Hemotology with an emphasis in genetics from University of San Diego.
  • Also has a Masters in Engneering. With a emphasis in Electronics.
  • Was Primigon of clan Tremere for 6 months but was then replaced by Josias Waldeck after a confrontation with the keeper at the time, Edward Heston.
  • As primigon he ended a disputed territory between the Nosferatu and the Tremere. Giving both clans half of the land and making a much smaller area shared domain between the clans. Later the shared area was give to the Tremere after the rescue of one of the nosferatu almost lost his life in elfin forrest.


  • Demetri seems to keep to his friends whenever possiable.
  • Demetri likes to make friends and seems to make them quickly.
  • He seems to have a temper when he is working as an officer of the court.
  • At one point in his unlife he looked up to Mr. Angel as a mentor of sorts.
  • Demetri has a very good memory.
  • Demetri seems to think ouside the box all of the time.
  • Though not very social he is very smart.


  • Is a puppet for a couple different elders.
  • Has a problem with keeping the masqurade when trying to expand his mortal power.
  • Seems to be the least liked among his clanmates.