SD Montage

Suffice it to say, 1998 was a good year.

Initially, there was some upheaval as Baron Tara became Prince Tara and took the San Diego domain back to the Camarilla, but all in all the transition went well enough, and proved to be for the best. In the ten plus years since, it's been a fierce battle with the Sabbat to the south and Anarchs to the north. Still, the domain has held well enough. Over time, however, it started to sift into two distinct areas: the heavy hitters moved down south and those of a more political mind started to gradually travel north. With constant attacks just south of the Border, Prince Tara saw fit to appoint a second Primogen Council to oversee North County.

In 2003, the Council held their first meeting and appointed a Steward to keep track of all affairs. Within little time, the Steward became Harpy of the northern part of Tara's praxis. The area solidified over time, and the Northern border of Tara's domain eventually became pretty solid, leaving Tara to focus down south and the new Kindred of North County to keep themselves busy.

With the understated arrival of Nickolai as the Ventrue Primogen of the Council in 2005, word started escaping of a possible break in the praxis. Nothing so severe as a coup, just words that the Northern brethren were more and more a different kin. The subdued venom seemed to flow both ways... the Primogen Council of San Diego made it known they considered North County to be a 'Versailles of Southern California', quick and eager to turn a blind eye to hideous warfare in lieu of subtle politicking and intrigue. The general retort was a bemused reminder that North County had gotten rid of their threats in no time, and San Diego was welcome to join in the luxury as soon as they could wrap up their little problem.

The tiffs and slight politicking between the regions became a bit much for Tara to want to deal with, so in December of 2009, she proclaimed North County an independent Praxis, granting them territory north of the 56 as their own (hell of a Christmas present). As was largely expected, Primogen Nickolai became Prince Nickolai in precious little time, and the Harpy stepped up as his seneschal. In the time since then, the praxis has started to flourish, the appeal of a 'new domain' luring Kindred from all over the area to come check out the freshest Camarilla Domain, regardless of the established Kindred currently residing therein.

Most of the region lies open and ready for the taking. Rumors claim that they've finally decided on a Nosferatu Keeper of Elysium, and Court will soon be held. The Whip stepping up into Ventrue Primogen seems to have trouble filling Nickolai's shoes. Whispers escape that the council doesn't entirely approve of Nickolai's ascension. There is no Sheriff. No Harpy. In this time of change, fears have stirred that the Anarchs may notice the frail state of the domain before they have a chance to build. Reflections of an old domain dance across the patchwork landscape of North County, still the same as ever it was, but now new and ripe with the prospect of claiming domain. Claiming position. A name.

It's a dance the Kindred have endured for years. The Elders have been established, and already hold sway over mortals and kindred alike. The neonates come scrambling for power regardless. The Jyhad plays on, and the cycle of political assassination and a feral greed starts fresh.
Welcome to North County, the Praxis of Prince Nickolai of Clan Ventrue.
Enjoy the Mirrorplay.